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Cover Come il diamante

"...come il diamante! I carristi italiani 1943-´45"is the new book by Sergio Corbatti and Marco Nava showing for the first time in a single volume the history of the Italian armoured units 1943-45. A really fantastic work for the intensity of researches, the incredibly rich iconography and the detail of the historical reconstruction.

A4, hard cover, 333 pages, 328 photographs, 36 documents, 6 colour profiles, 23 organizational charts, maps and other illustrations.

In Italian language

EUR 48,-


Cover San Giusto

"Il Gruppo Corazzato "San Giusto" dal Regio Esercito alla RSI 1934-1945", the new book by Stefano Di Giusto, tells for the first time the whole history of the "San Giusto": the birth in 1934, the warfare in the Balkans until the Italian armistice of September 1943 and then its passage in the ranks of the army of RSI.

The extensive use of archive sources, the contribution of many veterans who have permitted to collect an exceptional iconography of about 140 almost all previously unpublished photos, many illustrations and 5 colour profiles mean that the work can be regarded as definitive on this matter, so interesting because up to now little or not at all known.

Italian text, English summary and photo captions

A4, soft cover, 160 pages, 140 photographs, many documents, charts and other illustrations, 5 colour profiles.

In Italian and English language

EUR 28,-


Cover 19 mesi nella GNR

"19 mesi nella GNR", memories of war of a GNR soldier. Silvio Lombardi volunteered after the Italian armistice of September 1943 in the new RSI Army. He served in various units of GRN then he moved at the end of 1944 to the Armoured Group "Leonessa", in the ranks of which he fought in the anti-partisan warfare around Piacenza in 1945.

Very interesting war book, well written: it concerns an armoured unit of RSI on which the lack of military memories is particularly serious.

14x20, soft cover, 170 pages, 6 photos

Italian text

EUR 16,-