Laran Éditions

Disclaimer - Impressum

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The Laran Éditions is a new Belgian publishing house, founded and run by Italians, which has as main purpose the publication of books related preferably, but not exclusively, to the Italian military history.

With this initiative the Laran Éditions wants to encourage the publication and spreading of new books that have the following characteristics:

The goal that the Laran Éditions aims is to raise the average level of Italian military book industry, particularly as it regards studies about the Army. In fact in our view there are many aspects of the Italian military history still neglected or not deeply enough investigated.

In the small Italian editorial world we would like to give an additional possibility of publication to the few established authors of great quality and to new, promising authors whose works meet the criteria listed above.

We are convinced, moreover, of the basic importance of witnesses accounts for the study both historical and historiographic of certain events, so we want to encourage the publication of historical memories of the eyewitness, at any level, of the historical and military events in Italy.